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Nashi Argan is the winner of CosmeticAward!



Prestigious award for Nashi Argan! 

The Unipro jury at Expo 2015 Milan (Biodiversity Park -  EarthTheatre) has rewarded the brand with the prestigous CosmeticAward! 

CosmeticAward, this year at the second edition, is the italian award of cosmetics and it is dedicated to the companies that have distinguished themselves for "Innovation in the communication".

The jury, with president the sociologist Francesco Morace flanked by the journalist Luca De Biase, the general secretary of Consumers National Association Massimiliano Dona, the general director UPA - Utenti Pubblicità Associati (Advertising Associated Members) Giovanna Maggioni and the blogger Roberta Scagnolari, has taken into consideration as elements that deserve excellence the force on social networks, the direct contact with clientele and the quality of pubblications.

"The communication campaign dedicated to Nashi Argan has put in the center in a virtuous and spontaneous way the usage of social media in interaction with the traditional media, generating engagement on the brand and attracting people in the concept store".