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For the environment

The choice
Nashi has therefore decided to actually become an Active Company, a dynamic and modern company that is characterized by its proposal of high quality and socially sustainable products.
Beginning with our use of post-consumer recycled bottles, FSC-certified paper and the new airless dispensing technology that avoids waste, to the clean energy we obtain from our photovoltaic power plants ... Every year we make investments to improve the quality of our products by reducing the use of resources that can contribute to the depletion of the environment. 

The concrete choices that reduce the environmental impact:


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Landoll, company owner of Nashi Argan brand, for 2015 has decided to join the membership program of FAI Corporate Golden Donor: a choice dictated by the desire to restore, develop and see enhanced our country and its resources.
Together with the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Nashi Argan brand wants to be an active part of a major project of protection which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raiseour children.
Every day, the FAI is committed to protect and make accessible to all the wonderful jewels of art, nature and culture scattered in the countryside, in the cities and on the coasts of our country; to educate and sensitize the community to the knowledge, respect and care of art and nature and to convey the demands of civil society watching and actively intervening in the territory.
The natural and cultural heritage, preserved and promoted by FAI, represents a capital unique in the world and the fundamental resource in which invest to revive, develop and give value to our wonderful country.
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All the energy used in the Landoll production plant is produced from internal renewable source. The company has the license for the Production of Electricity Energy and in June of 2012 has completed the new photovoltaic system located in the Lombard site, which guarantees all the supply of energy required for production. 
The photovoltaic system converts sunlight into electricity with a power of 108 kWp. Landoll produces 120,000 kWh/year, contributing to the reduction of pollutants such as carbon dioxide (70 tons/year), nitrogen oxide (NOx 150 kg/year) and sulfur dioxide (145 kg/year) accused of neaing the cause of greenhouse effect and acid rain. 
In addition, the use of solar energy saves each year 23 tons of oil equivalent. 
Nowedays thanks to this system Landoll has saved more than 4,000 trees, the commitment is to reach 15,000 trees in 2015.

The amount of energy consumed is minimized by promoting products made from cold. All liquids used in the processing are collected in special tanks for treatment by certified companies.

The bottles used for the majority of Nashi lines are made of glass and from postconsumer recycled RPET produced by Bormioli Rocco Spa - world leader in the research of recycled materials, bioplastics and in the production of  low environmental impact packaging
Communication materials, cartons and leaflets of the lines are made ​​using
Flora post-consumer recycled paper of Cordenons Group, ISO and FSC certified company.

Landoll company follows a rigid schedule in the selection and use of raw materials, taking as its first objective the best performance required of a product that must meet the needs of a professional market. Therefore the formulations, not only don't contain substances such as sls/sles, sulfates, phosphates, parabens or colorants, use raw materials of natural origin in full equilibrium with the most current and secure variety of the chemical industry.